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Inside outsourcing offers a whole new way to manage your IT support and technology

The complexity of today's IT and telecommunications technology requires a high level of expertise to make efficient, cost effective decisions.

Lume's Virtual IT Department is an inside-out sourcing solution that acts like your in-house IT team to bring all your diverse, independent vendors under one accountability in a single cost centre.

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Why Use Lume?
  • Reduce the overhead on your staff looking after IT
  • Excellent end user support
  • Single Point Accountability
  • Improved Staff Productivity
  • Cost Effective Solutions

How does it work?

Lume's Virtual IT Department is a new service designed for businesses that need to focus on growth, while being confident that their technology is working for them.

What our customers say

"Lume is very good at communicating, and is very responsive, and that is one area a lot of IT vendors fall down on."

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Facing a Server Upgrade...

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Looking at UFB?

Here’s an explanation of how to buy UFB, and our top 4 reasons for buying.

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