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IT services and voip solutions

made clear for New Zealand business

Cloud? Office 365? VOIP? IT Support?

We help you make the right IT & Telco choices for your business.

No one company has all the answers to managing the sheer complexity and superfast evolution of technology, and that means now, more than ever before, Lume's unique approach to IT partnership is the way of the future.

Operating across New Zealand, Lume provides business clients with sensible, independent IT advice and solutions that actually work for the people who have to use the technology.

The company's IT team and skills, expertise, resources and processes to partner with your IT resources – working effectively alongside companies that have no IT team of their own, to enterprises of large IT teams that need specialist assistance.

As your IT partner, Lume is also responsible for sourcing highly expert, niche skills and then managing that resource through fruition.

Finding you the right solution

Whether your company is contemplating growth, cloud service integration, IT outsourcing, moving premises or simply independent expert IT management, Lume will help you find a cost-effective solution.

Are you frustrated, do you struggle with…

  • Internet speed problems?
  • Delays in getting support?
  • Thinking of Voice over IP solutions?
  • The need to know your best technology options? Examples, CRM replacement or a cloud IT solution?
  • Phone system advice or communications technology solutions?
  • Been called on to make expensive or complex IT infrastructure and network management decisions that you don't know enough about?
  • IT software or hardware failure is that just shouldn't be happening?
  • Questions about mobile device support and PC and other devices integration.
  • Server replacement (staying with traditional enterprise software brands and platforms) or going with open source, cloud based apps or mobile technology?
  • Looking for a reliable IT helpdesk: trying to manage desktops, devices, and numerous cloud service?
  • Trying to understand the impact of Cloud solutions on usage and licensing requirements?

Get Lume to take to responsibility for your IT support services and support. Functioning as you're outsourced IT department, Lume brings together good IT governance, project management, technical expertise and helpful support staff to solve your IT and Telecommunications needs. We call it Inside-outsourcing.

Lume believes that traditional IT services are no longer relevant in the complex business technology environment of today - inside outsourcing is a new way to manage the evolving technology sphere while keeping sight of your business objectives.


Technology should serve people, not the other way round... That's why Lume puts the end user (you, your staff and your customers) at the centre of the information technology (IT) and telecommunications systems that are best for your business, at a commodity price.

In short, Lume's your own virtual IT department – and in effect your IT partner – geared to take the complexity out of your IT and telecommunications, to give you back control of your spend with solutions that work for you and your people.

"We partner with your in-house IT manager or team – whether that is in the form of part-time executive responsibility or as a large team of technical people – working alongside your in house resources, to provide independent advice, deep expertise and access to our wholesale purchasing." – Richard Cheeseman, Managing Director of Lume Ltd.

At the heart of our services are our core values of:

Bringing Clarity to Technology, - explaining as much as you want to understand of how the technology works and why the solution fits your business. No "smoke and mirrors". 

"We See You" - listening to really understand what you require, and creatively solving your problems

Trustworthiness - delivering what we say when we say we will, and communicating clearly if things go wrong.

Making Technology Easy - available, affordable and fit for purpose.


With our Telecommunications and IT Strategy service,  Lume's thought leaders come alongside your management team to help your organisation develop a solid technology roadmap to navigate the issues and opportunities in front of you, in order to make a real difference to the every day work experience of your staff and customers.

  • IT roadmap and independent audits
  • Application selection and development
  • Bid and project management
  • Virtual CIO
  • Large scale project implementation assistance
  • Cloud migration project management


Lume's Inside Outsourcing services function as a team of expert IT professionals that come along side your organisation to help you manage vendors, cloud providers, ISP's and Telco companies. They contribute the skills and expertise you need to help you make difficult and complex IT governance decisions. 

  • Virtual IT partnership
  • Virtual Help Desk and IT Support 
  • Independent procurement advice
  • Cloud service integration


The increasing dominance of the Internet over all aspects of life, including technology and business, makes your organisations network – whatever shape that may take – increasingly complex and critical to your business success. Local area networks, phone systems, multiple external and internal hosted applications – what's the right network for you?

Connectivity is becoming an increasingly essential commodity for everyone. Having worked in the network and voice field for decades, Lume has developed a sizeable network of directly managed network customers, providing them with:

  • Cloud PBX solutions, both simple and complex
  • VOIP and SIP trunks
  • UFB - high speed fibre networks
  • Managed Business grade wide area networks

A particular strength is integrating local NZ sites into global corporate networks for local subsidiaries of international companies


This business outcomes focused service offers a range of hosted and on site application solutions as well as integration between applications to meet your business requirements. 

Application Selection

One could suggest that there are more apps available then there are coals in Newcastle, and many of them could be of enormous value to your business, but we do you begin?

Cloud integration

Many New Zealand companies are unaware that their accounting package, CRM and inventory solutions – though separate cloud based systems – are designed to work together.

Lume’s integration expertise will help you assimilate the packages together and thereby effectively improve performance efficiency, reduce errors and improve the bottom line of your business.