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Introducing the Illuminated Office - Telephone, Internet and IT systems - one integrated network to rule them all

Information is power – power to be responsive, agile and pro-active… to make the right decisions and improve your customer’s service experience. That’s why you need fast, reliable and, most importantly, integrated telephone, internet and IT systems.

Introducing The Illuminated Office – replace your expensive old analogue phones and slow Internet with a simple cloud based telephone system and super fast Internet; give yourself total control of your costs, security and productivity.

The Illuminated Office can help you solve these problems:

  • Staff spending too much time on Facebook
  • TradeMe transactions eating into business productivity
  • Business has outgrown current systems
  • You’re moving premises or staff work remotely
  • Too much downtime
  • Analogue reliant but you want the benefits of digital network
  • A natural disaster could stop your business in its tracks
  • Somebody might be hacking your phone system and you don’t know it

The Illuminated Office is a portable network that can move and grow with the business:

Agile:                                Low cost, fast remote support

Responsive:                   Get voicemail notifications by email

Intuitive:                         Automatic distribution of calls to the most relevant contact point

Collaborative:               Conference calling facilities

Customer centric:        Call back options         

Versatile:                        Call forwarding – across multiple sites

Productive:                    Ability to limit time on productivity killers like Facebook and TradeMe

Secure:                            Stop phone and cyber hacks in their tracks

Affordable:                    Fast, low cost Internet based cloud technology

Understandable:         Simple, clear and easy to understand

Supported:                     Backed by a team of expert technicians

What can you expect from Lume:

Our number one value is: “To make a difference by making IT clear to our customers”. That’s why as a Lume customer you can expect clear communications, clear information and clear lines… plus:

  • On-site set-up by Lume technicians
  • Staff training 

*CONNECT with The Illuminated Office Today and get your first month’s subscription to Web Protector free!

PLUS free UFB installation 

In addition to protecting your telephone and IT systems, Web Protector gives you control of who accesses the Internet, for what and for how long…

Call 09 477 3601 or email to arrange for one of Lume’s sales representatives to come out and have a no obligations chat with you about your integrated telephone, Internet and IT network needs.

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