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The Lume Virtual IT department provides robust, non-partisan 'in-house' IT management service at a fraction of the cost of full-time experts.

Lume Virtual IT Department: Your own IT expert, for less


Your organisation is at risk from a dynamic and ever evolving technology environment.

New technologies, multiple software vendors and cloud providers, all competing for a slice of the pie; not to mention technical support service providers and integrators jostling for a share of the market spend, nurturing their own loyalties and minding their own profit centres.

What’s good for them may not necessarily be good for you.

  • Your Lume Virtual IT Partnership provides a robust, non-partisan ‘in-house’ IT management service at a fraction of a full time professional.
  • Make astute, expert technical decisions that are good for business
  • Co-ordinate, manage and hold vendors and technical support accountable
  • Ensure optimum delivery of the services your business needs
  • Keep costs down and networks up
  • The team nature of this service gives you access to greater knowledge and experience than would be available to any one person
  • Depth in IT corporate management
  • Understanding of a broad range of technologies, including phone systems, telecommunications, servers, Apple and Windows desktops, tablets, mobile devices, networks, cloud technologies and on premise services and applications…
  • Ability to manage service providers and their contracts
  • Business acumen (managing the IT budget and appropriate ROI)
  • A mix of experience and youth
  • Professionalism and proven project management skills
  • Business analysis
  • Expert outsourcing consultants to assist in selecting and reviewing partners


Virtual IT Partnership

Regain control of your IT.

By managing your IT suppliers and costs, Lume enables you to overcome that ‘overwhelmed’ feeling that complex technology can sometimes cause, so you can get back to your core business.

  1. Reduced overheads in removing the time and cost burden on your staff having to manage IT (in addition to their normal duties)
  2. Expert understanding results in better decisions
  3. Transparent, independent vendor management
  4. Virtual Help Desk and supporting CRM to provide excellent end-user support to your staff individually
  5. One point of accountability
  6. Greater staff productivity – fewer headaches, frustrations and delays
  7. Best of breed partners at wholesale costs


End User Help Desk

To be productive and make a contribution to the business, your people need the right equipment and software to work together seamlessly and reliably – the End User Help Desk helps you achieve just that.

  • Managed IT support services
  • Good advice to help staff resolve problems fast
  • Free staff up from technology frustrations and minimise disruption
  • Providing best solutions possible within budget
  • All equipment and software supported even if Lume did not install
  • Keep users and management informed of progress


Independent Procurement Advice

Lume partners with specialists in procurement and hardware supply to get you the best deal possible for the IT or telecommunications equipment specified.

  • Hardware prices are compared and double checked (don’t be surprised if sometimes we find the local retailer has a better deal)
  • Lume's value is in giving best objective advice and remaining a trusted partner, not hardware sales