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Lume: IT Support for People First

“They lived only to face a new nightmare: the war against the machines.” – The Terminator

Has it ever crossed your mind that while Information Technology support technicians seem to commune so easily with the machines in your office, they don’t appear to relate very well to people?

How often do you notice IT support technicians enter your site and go about their business, with barely a word to the people inside the company? Sometimes, it’s like the machines and the geeks on one side, and you and your team on the other, both of you caught up in this perpetual cycle of hit and miss…

“Nerds are good at thinking like machines, with pure reason, but less able to divine and follow non-rational rules.” Psychology Today, Field Guide to the Nerd: It’s all geek to me

Lume is different. We are people geeks.

As “outsource integrators” we function from within your organisation to co-ordinate technology experts and solutions. Much like an expert bridge, a conduit, a staircase… between the people and business needs of your organisation on one side, and your IT support and telecommunications service providers, and the vendors, and the technology, on the other.

The process we follow to do this is:

1.     Your people

2.     User applications

3.     Equipment and resources

4.     Lume


Lume works from the inside out to understand your organisation’s business objectives, systems and processes… and how technology can best serve those needs. Lume’s job is to bring people and technology together; both seamlessly integrated in common purpose towards shared objectives.

Lume also engages personally with every single person in your organisation – one-on-one – to understand their role, objectives, needs and frustrations (where they fit in and what they need to function efficiently). Then we provide, manage or co-ordinate the solutions and the support to keep them up and running with minimal frustration.


Applications: a self-contained programme or piece of software designed to fulfil a particular purpose.

Lume seeks first to understand your business and your people in order to identify the correct applications for you, and then the best underlying technology and resources to deliver them. When needs, people, technology and suppliers integrate seamlessly, lower costs, efficiency and better profits will follow. Lume supports all applications, including:

  • Microsoft Office and Office 365
  • Adobe Suite
  • Accounts
  • CRM
  • Custom applications that are particular to your business (whether developed from scratch or adapted to your needs)

Equipment and Resources

“IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment.”Techopedia

Multiple technology devices – from desktops to tablets to printers – and a host of data hungry apps (both personal and business)… not to mention cross connected Apple, Android, Personal Computer and Cloud platforms… can make your office environment feel like rush hour in Delhi.

IT and telecommunications infrastructure has something of an invisible nature about it, but when things aren’t working so well it will usually manifest in little daily frustrations, like slow Internet speed or poorly set up VPN's that make it hard to work remotely and disrupt staff productivity.

“It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” ­– John Wooden, American basketball coach

To problem solve these issues, to cut through the tech speak and the vague answers, requires very high-level competence and experience. To have somebody who understands the nub of your problem and oversees its solution will save your time, money and bucket loads of frustration for everybody.

Efficient, functioning telecommunications and IT infrastructure require an effective mix of suppliers, contracts and good governance under a single point of accountability so you can get on with your core business.

Lume ICT Partnership

Lume works as your in-house IT partner to:

  • Be independent of the solution
  • Source vendors who support the best technology for you
  • Provide expert governance, partnering with you in the process to ensure sound strategic and management decisions are made
  • Manage a pre-set, agreed IT budget to achieve quick solutions for the end user (no backwards and forwards to management)
  • Provide clear and effective communication at all times

Multi-Vendor Management

  • Manage and integrate managed service vendors from a position of expert knowledge, experience and skills
  • Assess priorities and ensure vendors take responsibility for their solutions
  • Manage conflicts between vendors - resolve responsibility
  • Project manage change across multiple parties

End User Help Desk

  • Understand your team and their needs (Lume support your staff personally)
  • Communicate clearly as issues are worked on, with regular updates on progress


  • Lume utilises its bulk buying power to deliver economies of scale and achieve wholesale prices