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In some of our cloud based phone agreements we offer "unlimited phone calls subject to reasonable use". This page outlines how we define "reasonable use".

Please note: This Policy applies to customers who have signed up to a reasonable use telecommunications service.

It is important to Lume that all eligible Lume customers are able to access our services. For this reason, and to ensure the provision of a quality service, a Reasonable Use Policy applies to some of our services.

Reasonable Use Policy

  • For those services which are subject to our Reasonable Use Policy, we may apply this policy where in our reasonable opinion, your usage of our Services is excessive and/or unreasonable as detailed in this paragraph
  • We have developed our Reasonable Use Policy by reference to industry standards and your estimated usage of our Services, based on historic usage.
  • If your usage of our Services materially exceeds estimated use patterns over any month, or is inconsistent with normal usage patterns, then your usage will be excessive and/or unreasonable
  • Reasonable Use excludes activities such as auto-dialling, continuously call forwarding, leaving calls open for extended periods (for instance baby monitoring, or extended conference calls). Reasonable use is also based on continuation of existing use - so if you plan to introduce a call centre, or start tele-marketing, this would constitute a significant change in usage and may require a revised estimate of your expected usage.
  • If your usage is excessive and/or unreasonable we may contact you to advise you that your usage is in breach of our Reasonable Use Policy.
    We may then request that you stop or alter your usage to come within our Reasonable Use Policy, or agree with you a revised charge for the use of the Services based on your revised usage.
  • If your excessive or unreasonable usage continues after receipt of a request to stop or alter the nature of such usage, and we are unable to reach agreement on revised charges for the service within 14 days of providing notice, we may without further notice, apply charges to your account for the excessive and/or unreasonable element of your usage; suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Services or withdraw your access to the Services.